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Translations Bounty
Get your whitepaper, website and other materials translated to over 20 most popular languages and reach worldwide audience.
Bitcointalk signature Bounty
Promote your cryptocurrency or Blockchain-related project by getting some of the most respectable figures in the crypto community to wear your signature.
Article/Blog/Review Bounty
Get amazing reviews about your project which can greatly help in attracting the investors and showing the world the full potential of the project.
Video Bounty
Video reviews are one of the most popular ways for checking the information about the project, and for that reason - having some great reviews is really important.
Social media Bounty
Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and co Reward the community for support on social media and reach thousands of potential investors with ease. Additionally entertaining competitions can help keep the community engaged and bring a lot of new members. Invites, stickers, GIFs, memes - everything works!
Telegram Bounty
Promote your channel on the most popular platform for communication among the Blockchain community. Reach your target audience in a flash.
Medium Bounty
Increase the following and reach of the official company's blog and attract the attention of the Medium community.
Community Management Bounty
Establish local communities in Slack, Telegram, Discord or any other chat app. Promote your project in many languages and form the community across the world.
Custom Bounty
Need a different type of the bounty? Our team can help by tailoring the bounty program according to your needs.
The next genaration in smart contract platform for untraceable privacy-oriented transactions, from a secure platform to anonymous cloud and IOT. The Quras project has been evolving and expanding its reach to provide a smart and secure solution for a wide range of different applications. It began with a passion to create a secure, anonymous blockchain for the healthcare industry, by achieving a level of previously unobtainable security and efficiency.
The first crypto-commodity exchange, well designed by traders for traders. Digital Ticks raised 5.7 million USD in just 40 minutes during the presale. The bounty campaign is currently counting over 10,000 participants and is still growing.
Game Loot Network works like an app store, but we offer much more than just games. Blockchain technology allows the platform to be an entertainment superstore — with resources for play, purchase, and design. The community around Game Loot Network currently has over 100,000 people and the bounty campaign has over 11,000 people participating in it.
An ecosystem built for artists, galleries, museums, and art lovers. Based on a digital fingerprint of a “wall hung artwork”. Together we built a great community around the project, with many artists and influencers supporting and using the VooGlue app.
The world’s first Free Crypto Economic Zone (FCEZ) established in a state with the most favorable business conditions. Created especially for blockchain-based business and cryptocurrency operations. The bounty campaign attracted thousands of active users, but unfortunately, the project was cancelled.

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  • Full Bounty Program Management
  • Bounty Design (cover, signatures, banners)
  • Eight Campaigns
  • BitcoinTalk Announcement Creation (text + design)
  • BitcoinTalk Announcement Moderation
Unlimited participants
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  • Full Bounty Program Management
  • Bounty Design (cover, signatures, banners)
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • BitcoinTalk Announcement Creation (text + design)
  • BitcoinTalk Announcement Moderation
  • BitcoinTalk Announcement Promotion
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Experienced crypto trader, investor and a proud member of the crypto community since 2014. Detail-oriented professional with an expertise in business intelligence, strategy, business formation, and revenue recognition policies.
Specialist for Digital Marketing, Comunication and Social Media. Skilled in video and photo content creation.
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